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Adisa Wheeler

Inmate Number: B63774

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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I know I don’t have a full smile, where I’m from we didn’t take picture with a smile.  So, now it feels kind of awkward.  But yes!  I do have all my teeth ????  Though one is chipped from being hit in the mouth with a bottle growing up.

  I’m from a Chicago projects known as “Da Village”.  That’s where I got mixed up in a horrible dreadful murder.  Which I did not personally commit yet I was involved with the circumstances.  I truly regret any involvement I had in it, sincerely.  Especially since it resulted in someone losing their life.  I believe is why immediately into my bid I started to transform into the man I am now.  I believe for the better.  My whole way of thinking and outlook on life has changed.  And one of the things is that you’ll get 100% from my end.

I’m 6’4, 231 pounds with amazing, slanted brown eyes.  I workout, read books and watch movies when I can.  I play basketball, football, baseball and play soccer.  I’m pretty good at all of the above.  I love music.  I am a true fan of different genre’s, even reggeaton.  Then I don’t understand a word ????.  I’m currently enrolled in multiple classes including a CDL class.  I enjoy writing.  I really love to laugh but at the same time I take pleasure in having real conversations.  

I’m looking for a woman to spend a little time with, share stories and see if we can find something in common.  Hopefully I can get a glimpse of the free world through your eyes.  And you know, allow time to do what it do, build or break.  I’m good with gaining a true friend.  If you want to see whats to me or maybe just learn my story, send a letter or maybe a message through

By the way I am not racially bias and my outdate is within the next 3 years.  Talk to you soon.

Age: 45

Height: 6’4

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Adisa Wheeler