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Alfred Weakliss

Inmate Number: M44177

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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My name is Alfred, but all my friends & family call me “AL”.  I’m from the westside of Chicago, but I currently reside at Hill Correctional, located in Galesburg, IL…I have less than 10 years remaining on my sentence, but within these few years I have left I’m searching for a mental and emotional connection with a woman that surpasses the physical allure throughout my incarceration. I’ve come to realize that, everlasting bonds, rather they are friendships or serious relationship all begin with a strong foundation firmly planted inside truth love, loyalty & respect and most importantly “communication”!  Without communication paired with active listening skills, every relationship will win when you have all the bullshit out the way & come with pure intention!  I don’t discriminate I like women of all colors & size, just be you and it will be us against the world…

I’ve truly grown tired of aimless connections based on how many likes or views a person tries to recieve.  I now focus on quality rather than quantity and if you feel the same as I do, please feel free to connect me through email on GTL app or write me…  I hope to hear from you soon peace & God bless.

Age: 35

Height: 5’6

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Alfred Weakliss