Lawrence Correctional Center

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Amos Bullocks

Inmate Number: B88906
Lawrence Correctional Center
10930 Lawrence Road Sumner, IL 62466
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Society would have you believe that due to my current location & circumstances of being incarcerated that I’m undeserving of companionship, friendship or romance!  As if in the very moment that I was detained & placed in handcuffs I somehow miraculously just stopped being a person & all human nature simply ceased to exist w/in me.  If you agree w/ the stigma & stereotypical perspectives society has labeled ones w/ prior to ever even getting to know me as a person then you’re reading the wrong bio!  However for those whom are openly optimistic please allow me to properly introduce myself….

My name is Amos Lee Bullocks, Im 28 years old & Im from east Saint Louis Illinois. Unfortunately I’ve been incarcerated since I was 18 years old yet for the past 10 years I’ve strived to further my education academically by earning my G.E.D, I most resently earned a degree in criminal justice & Im currently working on my associates in general studies which I anticipate I’ll complete w/ in 2-3 years & my bachelors of science w/ in 4-5 years.  I’m extremely goal oriented & try to maximize my time by being as productive as possible throughout the day.  I love children however I do not have any of my own.  I do have a plethora of nieces & nephews as well as 8 siblings so Im very family oriented.  Prior to my unexpected & untimely incarceration I was heavily involved in sports (track, basketball football) & even managed to earn multiple scholarship offers in athletics as well as academically also.  Im musically inclined & for the past 4-5 years I’ve been writing music, I love R&B & Rap, I’ve been told that I have an old soul purely based upon the music I tent to listen to.

I’m kind hearted & a thoughtful man, I pride myself on being a good listener whom pays close attention to details.  Im a dreamer so quite naturally Im ambitious & will shoot for the starts in a heartbeat.  I love wholeheartedly & Im loyal to a fault.  Im very straightforward & honest I like to be up close & personal in my interactions so Im not shy at all.  Im in search of some real affection & hope to find a special someone whom is openly willing to take the time &/or chance on getting to know me whether this special someone comes in the form of a companionship, friendship or manifest into something romantic.  Im open to all options!  Rest assured that regardless of circumstance physical attributes & good looks are non-factors here, I’ve had pretty women teach me some of the ugliest & toughest life lessons (Facts!)  Human nature is very much so present w/ in me maybe more now then ever before.  I’ve reached a point in my life to where Im totally open to all possibilities & honestly just curious to meet some new people & bring some different energies into my world.  We tend to miss 100% of the shots that we do not take, nothing beats a failure but a try, so I encourage you to step outside of the norm & take a chance on getting to know me.  If you’re up for the challenge then Im sure I’ll be hearing from you soon!

Age: 28

Height: 5’11

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois