Western Illinois Correctional Center

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Atiim Gilliam

Inmate Number: M24163
Western Illinois Correctional Center
2500 Rt. 99 South Mount Sterling, IL 62353
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My name is Atiim Gilliam. I am 48 years of age, and is serving a natural life sentence at Lawrence correctional center. I am not here to be ridiculed, nor am I here to seek anyone’s approval. I only came to get in contact with my Xpirit’s host. Her name is Mary L. Cerda.


My pretty Mary. I do hope that both of our spirits will encourage your sweet curiosity to browse and land upon this here website; or that a friend may stumble upon me and kindly advise you to seek my profile. In the midst of my journey at pontiac cc, I came across a radiant spirit, that was enclosed within the flesh of a beautiful woman………you.

Indeed your beauty and your spirit, with its sly self, flirted with my own in the most secretive and unusual fashion. It was certainly the only spirit of whom my heart had befriended. I honestly felt and feel that such a spirit(you) was brought forth, not as a guest but as the rightful owner of my heart, which at the time was quite darkened by trouble. For many years you have been the subject of my meditations. I used to watch qnd study you I think, with a more energetic curiosity than any other form of humanity presented to my notice. I had a notion that of all the inmates, your beautiful wild eyes only saw me; that you was strangely affected by my manners, and upon the sweet attention in which I had so bestowed upon you; acknowledging to have felt an impulse toward me equally unaccountable. I have nicknamed you, ‘Island’. Why?

Because your deep sandy hair, the tropical trees of your eyes, and the calmness that you brought forth, so reminded me of such.

For nine years I have been deeply in love with you; and seven of those years, through postal service and email, I have religiously been reaching out to you, in the hope that some day my words would find the destination of your heart.

I do not know if you are aware of such. I know that we do not know much of each other. And though we have seen each other numerous times over years, occasionally we have only greeted each other. I like to believe that our spirits has been each other every since contact had befriended them: in thoughts, imaginations, and dreams. I also like to believe that they have often read to one another, the reading of our hosts’ facial expressions and body language. And that not long after, they were joined in holy matrimony by unknown, and became one. So upon my belief, it is our spirits that has fallen in love. And through our spirits’ love, I automatically claimed you as my Xpirit, my bestfriend, my woman, and my life.

And such is how I been representing you to everyone. Many signs has stated that you are the one, my true soulmate. And I tend to believe them. Well here’s alittle somethin about me, in case you do not know.

I’m really nothin. I’m alittle talented, could write and read; down to earth; speak my mind; philosophical; very spiritual, not religious; very loyal; faithful; very affectionate; romantic; Quiet and a loner; and not a lier. Seem like a dream, huh.

Would you like to find out if i’m being truthful, to maybe fall in love all over again, but in a more humanly fashion? If so, then please set up an email account and message. Do hope to hear from you.

Age: 48

Height: 5’7

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois