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Barton McNeil

Inmate Number: K75924

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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Barton (“Bart”) McNeil #K-75924

5835 State Route 154

Pinckneyville, IL 62274


True crime fans, innocence advocates, professions, laypersons, friends, future pen-pals, lonely hearts, Illinois residents and beyond…

Look no further as you just found THE ONE…me, that is!  Young and wealthy.  I’m a bodybuilder, a MENSA member, and a former model and adult film actor.  OK, none of that is true, but I’d be happy to be your new pen-pal anyway.

Deadly serious and thoroughly true, now for 25 years I’m serving “Life” for a murder of the very worst sort, yet wholly innocent.  A victim of the cruelest injustice ever, now for a decade I’m presently fortunate to be represented by attorneys with both the Illinois Innocence project and Exoneration project dedicated to rescuing me from this egregious wrongful conviction.

A perilous case fraught with heartbreaking tragedy.  Frenzied madness, malevolent intrigues, and more – join the freedom train as this loathsome injustice is laid bare in the light of emerging truth.

Sentenced to “death-by-prison”, freedom is still a distant probability.  My future uncertain, I remain cautiously optimistic but emensely grateful that the truth of my innocence is today so widely known.

While I don’t have direct internet access my reprehensible wrongful conviction has a large online presence where pretty much anything about me and my unjust case can be found.  If interested visit freeBart on Facebook or where you’ll find links to countless newsreports, interviews, documentary exhibits, and even true crime TV program s relating to my case.  Or just Google me.  Though I can’t access Facebook myself, I would be grateful were you to “Like” the page and post remarks.

Exonerating myself from these bitter circumstances an obvious priority.  I’m more than about being the innocent victim of a malicious prosecution.

Formally of Bloominton, Illinois, while not quite young anymore, I’m active and in good health for my age.  You might say I’m a collectable classic in good condition, all original, runs great, low miles, no rust, power everything, and a “sunroof”.

Like most others on this site, I’m looking for a special someone also.  More than that, I’d welcome a friendly outreach from anyone who’d allow me to become a small part of their life, and grant me the presence of them in my life.  

No typical convict, I have an open curious mind, appraised of most of what’s going on out in the world.  I have an Associates Degree plus many other college credits, but am largely self-educated via lifelong reading of newspapers, magazines, and mostly nonfiction books: history, politics, science, biography, etc.

On my small TV I have access to a few dozen channels, no premium channels, and no genuine online access.

On my little tablet I can send and receive email-like messages.  A bigtime movie buff, my other favorite pastime is listening to music, usually while reading or writing.  With a music library of millions of songs and artists of which I subscribe, I stream music endlessly, my tastes wildly eclectic ranging from folk/bluegrass to EDM – presently deep into jazz and the blues.

What are your favorites?  Movies, TV series, website, podcast, book genre, ardvark subspecies, celebrity gaff, ice cream flavor, ex-spouce?

Easy to contact, you can write me at the above postal address, or you can send an email or text by including my name in the first line at or (708) 402-0502.

For faster more direct email correspondence sign up as my email contact by looking me up at the Illinois State prisoner website at


Will reply to everyone (earthlings only).


Age: 63

Height: 5’9

Weight (lbs):


Race: White


State: Barton McNeil