Hill Correctional Center

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Benito Salgado

Inmate Number: Y37889
Hill Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1700 Galesburg, IL 61402
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My name is Benito Salgado Ramses,

Im 24 years old.  My birthday is on May 11, Im a taurus.  Im the oldest of six siblings.  I have three sisters and two brothers.  I was born in Los Angeles California.  Even doe I lived most of my life in Chicago.  It is also known as Chiraq, because of the high murder rate, and gun violence.  Im mexican and Italian.  Im 5”11 I weight 200 lbs.  I was raised in the northside of Chicago, I speak spanish.  I love steak and pizza and tacos.  I love food so Im not picky.  I can cook a lilbit so I know my way around the kitchen.  I guess being the oldest played a part.  My father was never around.  My mother raised me partially all by herself.  I have two kids and two bitter baby moms that dont let me see them, or be apart of their lifes.  I hope to reunite with them one day.  I plan on taking parenting classes while Im here too become a better parent.  My biggest downfall is that I cant leave the streets alone.  It cost me to make alot of mistakes in my life.  I had to loose everything to finally wana change.  I feel like getting locked up saved me from something worse because of the path I was going in, I  never graduated high school so Im working on getting my (GED) while Im in here.  Im a young entrepreneur.  I dont have my mind set on one thing.  Theres multiple career paths I wana pursue.  I dont listen to the people that tell me focus on one thing.  That probably worked for them but not me.  Im not chasing what their doing.  I dont follow what everybody else is doing.  I plan on owning a barbershop and tattoo shop and having my own personal training business.  Im just a man of multiple talents.  I also have a passion for music and writting.  Im also working on publishing my 1st book while incarcerated.  Its a erban novel of things I seen mix with my imagination.  Anyways you guys can reach out to me whenever.  Im a good listener and Im not judgemental.  I am looking for a females companionship, someone I can talk too and grow a bond with.  You guys can write me or download the ‘gtl’ app.

Age: 24

Height: 6’0

Weight (lbs): 185

Sex: Male

Race: Hispanic

Religion: Islam

State: Illinois