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Caston Rosa

Inmate Number: Y47968

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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Heyy!!  I have never done a bio before so I dont know really what to say so im going to do a TBH (too be honest) about myself.  Too be honest, my favorite color is anything neon lol and im easy going but people say im very funny and goofy sometimes but I can be serious when its needed.  I am very loyal to those who give me their trust and im a committed person when im devoted to something or someone.  When my mind is focused on something usually I chase after it.  My dreams and aspirations are really high.  When im not playing basketball im reading or writing.  I am in tune with the universe and know what I want out of life.  Im not confused as to what it takes to achieve my definite chief aim in life.  I need a friend or someone to vibe with that can connect with me on these levels.  We will go as far as it takes us and honestly I probably need you in my life.  How-ever im shooting for the moon and the sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the moon so take a chance on me I wont let you down I will bring you up whether your a friend or more.


-Caston Rosa


P.S. My birthday is March 6 and I was born in Springfield, IL in 1998.  I am a pisces.

Age: 24


Weight (lbs):


Race: Hispanic


State: Caston Rosa