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Damian Jones

Inmate Number: K53549

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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My mother used to always tell my 6 sisters and older brother, (R.I.P) “you’ll never miss a good thing until it’s gone!”  As a young adolescent, I didn’t quite understand how one day that statement would manifest itself into fruition.  Mother no longer with us, but now I know exactly what she meant by that statement.  Absence sure does makes the heart grow fonder!  And being incarcerated for 23 years straight, I understand why she said to me what she felt cause as a (now) grown man, “momma, you were right!  Sorry!  God said in Genesis 2018, “It’s not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help mate for him.”  As I once were a mommas boy, I now know how important it is to really value, cherish, and respect that precious rib God took from Adam while he slept through the process, and formed something that’s hard to explain, but when you see how all you could do is stand at awe budge your eyes in surprise mode and open your mouth and say, “Wow, dad is good!”  Women, are sophisticated, “highly” intelligent, sweet, beautiful, precious, loyal, loveable, honest and one of the best t hing Jehovah has made for man, besides the Holy Spirit.  I not only like females, but “I love females.”  I’ve been in the same prison for 21 year, and when I finally get the opportunity to get outside the cell for which I spent my first 15 years straight with limit movement, I stayed out of trouble and worked until I was in a position to be around them, and let me tell you, that was like a real fresh breath of air.  It’s hard not acting out some type of way being around the opposite sex, smelling, talking, and working around inmates.

I’ll be a lie if I tell  you, this story ends well.  It’s hard maintaining yourself if you haven’t been around them in years.  Not to say I was on any creepy stuff (never that, I was raised by 6 women, and I was a momma’s boy), but at the same time, I fouled out the game, lost my job which took me 15 years to get, and now I’m back where I’ve started from.  My days now consist of my regular routine.  Getting up at 3:30 am for breakfast, say my morning prayers, watch the news for about an hour, then I gotta watch my gospel programs.  After all that, I’m back to sleep to about 9:00 am (lunch).  I get up and start taking care of my hygiene, then after me finishing up it’s time to clean up after myself, cause you gotta be mindful of your cellie and his health and hygiene.  Now mind you I’m in a maximum penitentiary where there’s no programs, school, and your stuck in a small cell with another man for at least 23 hours a day, except for 3 showers a week, yard 2 times a week, and a pass to go to your designated spot.  I’m a lifer, no going to school is out of the question, cause we are not able to go, because the institute believe those with life sentences don’t need no education, they are gonna die anyway with all the time they have.  Why I stated earlier in my profile, I lost my job as a janitor/plumber cause a (50 cents a day) a officer seen me give a female officer a prison made bracelet with her name on it.  I wasn’t even trying to hollar at her at all, just being friendly, that’s all.

In conclusion I just need something to do.

Age: 44

Height: 5’8

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Damian Jones