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Darren Anderson

Inmate Number: Y21962
Kewanee Life Skills Re-Entry Center
2021 Kentville Rd. Kewanee, IL 61443
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My name is Darren Bernard Anderson, I am 61 years of age.  I have only been incarcerated for 5+ years with 1+ year remaining on my sentence.  Upon my release, I will be totally self sufficient.  I must state now for the record, I am only interested in a true friendship, with the possibility of marriage.  I have two daughters Allison Denise Anderson, 42, and Megan Levonia Anderson, 34.  I have 9 grand children (Te’Aizah (22), Keshanti (19), Cincere (17), La’Shayla (15), Bernia (14), Elisah (14), Montana (8), Kamora (5) and Kehari.  I also have two great-grand children Amari (1) and Jesiah (8mo).  At this point in my life, these are my only priority.  Sadly, the LAST five names I don’t even know.  But that will be rectified upon my release.  Although I speak to all of them on the phone and have pictures, my biggest regret is not being able to hold, hug, and kiss them.  There’s nothing like a personal face to face relationship.  

I love sports, reading (BIBLE EVERYDAY), writing, cooking, traveling and working.  My chosen profession is restaurant management, but I have done landscaping, roofing, dry walling, painting, flooring and a little plumbing.  

I am a veteran, United States Marine Corps, 1979 to 1983.

I have worked during my entire incarceration in various capacities.  I only say this to let you know I am not a lazy man.  I don’t lift weights but I exercise, try to eat right (as much as you can being in a penal institution).  I never live outside my means.  I am not a possessive person, but I do “LOVE” hard.  When I’m with you, I’m with you, until I’m not.  I am very faithful, but I’ve never been married.  I have had long lasting relationships that span at the least 4 years and at the most 9 years.  I have a good relationship with the mothers of my children, but not sexual.  

My mother is still alive, God bless her heart.  Ms. Veronica B. Anderson (81).  I have two sisters, stephanie L. Anderson (56) and Elizabeth A. Daniels (63).  Two brothers deceased, Paul K. Anderson (62) Anthony G. Anderson (59) God rest their souls!  I have 2 nephews Bradley Scott Heard (44) and Ryan Christopher Anderson (38) and 1 neice, Juanita Anderson (34).  I have a nephew that just recently passed, Nicholas Bryant Anderson (42) of prostate cancer, God rest his soul.

I am 5’11”, weigh 215 lbs, wear a size 9 ½ shoe, am a 42 waist.  I love to dance.  I am a very, very, very good “stepper”.  I plan to follow my long time dream of being on stage and/or in movies.  I have acted in my high school days.  I also have a plan to coach a little league baseball team.  My playing days may be over, but I can still teach the game.  

I pray that the good Lord sends me a woman for marriage, but I will accept a good friend.



Mr. Darren B. Anderson


P.S.  The only thing I expect from this letter is first, a friend, second, a wife.  I WANT NO MONEY!!  I have my own.  I will not lie to anyone or try to decieve anyone.  

Age: 62

Height: 5’10

Weight (lbs): 229

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois