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DeAngelo Ogden

Inmate Number: Y21810

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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Hey my name DeAngelo Im 27 years old Im 5.0 feet tall Im light skin Im black and puerto rican Im well built I have 50 tattos I have low dreads I have been locked up 7 years now I have 9 left, I got locked up for a armed robbery and a attempt murder my outdate is 2032 but wit good time I will get out 2027.  Im furthuring my education I work out 5 days a week because I love to stay fit and also Im looking into opening up a gym.  Im smart funny intelligent I have great engery I am supportive caring and loving, I am generous romantic loya playful at times you kno you cant be serious all the time.  Im looking for a friend a lover and someone I can count on and vise versa everything I do I put in 100 percent and no lalf step when I want sumthing I go after it.  If I fail or fall I make sure I pick myself up and keep moving forward without looking backward I want someone thats gone love me for me and give me the same energy that I put in and my action speaks louder then my words.  I like to play basketball football I ran track I just love to stay active I was raised in Chicago Illinois I love to travel I love to see different things and people/cultures, Im 205 pounds solid I kno how to cook and not just sumthing simple I love to make people feel good Im family orrininated its not wat I say or do to or for you its about how I make you feel.  I kno that Im locked up but I am not the person I was 7 years ago I have a goal and a vision.  I do not have no kids but I do want sum but only if its Gods plan I am a christian I believe enything can happen only if you believe and have faith.  My  focus is getting my self together mentally physically & spirtually

I love to write read and at time draw I feel like everybody have a story to tell I love to talk text I feel like communcation is key ot me and also to life.  If I dont have that I dont have nunthing I work for wat I want I am a very positive person I dont believe in jail talk I go off action.  I love music who dont I like all types I dont judge people place or thing once you tap into who you are you ah kno how life works.  Im down to earth one of a kind I just love to be my self when Im not doing nun I relax and watch tv and clear my mind Im an open book wat ever you wanna kno just ask sumtimes I can be alot to deal wit but who not LoL.  Im not a complicated person I look for honesty loyal trustworthy I just dont want no body playing games or wit me or my heart because I have a lot to offer but I hope to hear back from you soon.

Age: 27

Height: 5’10

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: DeAngelo Ogden