Pontiac Correctional Center

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Eduardo Lerma

Inmate Number: M28860
Pontiac Correctional Center
P.O. Box 99 Pontiac, IL 61764
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I am an inmate seeking an open minded pen-pal willing to become friends if possible and share voluntarily what we would like to each other.  I also am 44 years old of age, mexican and bi-lingual, I speak, read and write spanish and english.  I am fluent in spanish and english and would prefer my new pen-pal to also be.  I was born in Mexico, the state of Durango in the city of Santa Maria del Oro and raised in Chicago Illinois.  I would like to say I’m intelligent and not immature and obtained an H.S.E.D and some college.  As I do my time I workout, draw & pain (artwork), have read the entire Bible and took bible study courses and consider myself to be a very clean, organized godly man.  I am heterosexual and most definitely choose females to have relationships with and am not gay or go both ways and do not necessarily discriminate those that do as long as they know my preferance and situation.  I also am not seeking romance but have no problem with it if comes about but certainly seeking friendship before anything if anything.  I like to be very communicative by e-mailing and talking to my pen-pal if my new pen-pal and I get to that point with time and with limit of course.  We now a days have tablet’s in the Illinois prison system so communication by e-mailing is very possible as long as you as my new pen-pal register on the computer and is approved.  I also have one son only but no on but God to answer to.  I like to listen to different type of music in spanish and english, my favorite are classic’s jamz, freestyle, Duranguense, Corrido’s, old school rap (also new rap).  My favorite rock group is Guns-N-Roses and I also very much enjoy country music, not to leave out some R&B.

Age: 44

Height: 5’9

Weight (lbs): 191

Sex: Male

Race: Hispanic

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois