Hill Correctional Center

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Edward Roberson

Inmate Number: R60232
Hill Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1700 Galesburg, IL 61402
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Greetings Pen Palette’s:

My name is Edward Roberson but some people call me P-Swift with the gift, cause I’m a ballplayer Smoove and I got the moves.  I’m a very laid-back, cool, calm and collected type dude.  I like all things art, creativity, things people put their real passion into till the point you can see, hear, or feel it click with yourself.  I love women, fashion, music, good movies, good food and desserts.  As of right now, I’m at a point in life where I like to say I’m a worldly person, because I want to learn, try and experience new things as a whole.  Anyways I’m an American, Light skinned, standing at 6’2” tall, weigh 200 lbs, all cutz and grooves with brown hair and brown eyes plus I’m full of surprises.  Sometimes I surprise even myself.  Anyway, I’m looking for female – woman companionship.  Someone I can build something with going forward through this new chapter in my life, whether it’s a pen pal arrangement, friendship or serious relationship, I am game.  I love women and think they are all the most beautifullest creations on mother earth, and they are God’s gift to me.  So, don’t be shy and get at ya guy! : )  : )  I’m a great listener, plus I try to give out solid-sound advice when communicating with someone I deal with on a genuine level.  Also, if you’re a guy, dude or male, please don’t attempt to contact me.  I’m good on that, besides I’m in prison.  I’ve dealt plus still dealing with enough dudes to last me a lifetime, maybe two.  Anyways, I’m new to this whole pen pal thing so if you think anything I said was corny, I never cared.  So, ladies, if you want somebody real and authentic, get at yo boy!

True Love

And Godspeed!

Edward Roberson – R60232

Hill Correctional Center

600 South Linwood Dr

P O Box 1700

Galesburg, IL  61402

Age: 35

Height: 6’0″

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Islam

State: Illinois