Vienna Correctional Center

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Feriand Johnson

Inmate Number: B43078
Vienna Correctional Center
6695 State Route #146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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My name is Feriand Johnson; B43078

I am hoping to meet some folks to help me establish positive contacts on the outside.  I am interested to futhering my education like my G.E.D the institution here is bent upon holding me back so I would really appreciate any information getting my G.E.D through corrospondence and make sure it is a accreted school.  I am also looking for some people that will pray and encourage on this journey as well.  I love to read and play chess and I just learned how to play bid wiz LoL!  I will continue to work diligently and hope to re-enter society as a productive member.  I love to read the Bible and study it as well!  Thank you for taking the time to read my profile here.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  God bless you and yours.

I like all kinds of music and I am not judgemental as well very open and flexable.  I am a drummer.

I am a: Libra

Born: 10-7-68

Eyes: Brown

Size: 5’8”

Gender: Male

Hair Black w some gray

Hometown: Elgin, Chicago IL

Institution: Southwestern C.C.

Marital Status: In relationship

Race: Black

Religion: Christian

Seeing: Prayer warriors, educational help as well, plus GTL corrospondence

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Earliest release 2025

Latest release 2028



Feriand Johnson

Age: 54

Height: 5’8

Weight (lbs): 170

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois