Dixon Correctional Center

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Furman Hister

Inmate Number: Y38357
Dixon Correctional Center
2600 N. Brinton Avenue Dixon, IL 61021
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I’ve never tried this penpal thing, but since I’ve been gone for five years and I have about nine more to do, I guess it won’t be such a bad idea to get to know new people.  I’m a writer who is currently working on my first novel based around my hometown city of Chicago.  I rap, sing, and create music.  I’m looking for a woman who I can talk to consistently and get to know better.  Everybody call me Major.

I’m not interested in putting a title on anything while I’m incarcerated until I feel like I really know somebody.  I’m just interested in building something real.  I spent the beginning part of my life searching for instant gratification.  Now I know that I have to start investing my time into my future because that’s going to be the only thing that pays off.

I’m a muslim man because I believe in my heart that there is no other God besides God, and that prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God.  I converted to Islam in prison and I’m still working hard to better myself everyday.  For the women that don’t know alot about Islam, true Islam.  I want to clarify that no I don’t believe men are superior to women and no I don’t believe that women shouldn’t have a voice.  Don’t believe the negativity that the world tries to tell you about Muslims.


My Instagram name: _Dontgobiggomajor

I look forward to getting to know you.  I plead guilty to my charges even though I’m not guilty of them.  However I am far from being innocent.  The only way to know me is to get to know me.  Because if you ask one hundred different people who I am….

Age: 26

Height: 5’8

Weight (lbs): 195

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Islam

State: Illinois