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Garnet Patton

Inmate Number: Y39603

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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My name is Garnet Patton I have two children ages seven and thirteen the boys name is Garnet Patton and my girls name is Ivy Patton my children just lost their mother recently and are having a hard time dealing with neither parent being there for them in this great time of need and all I can think about is how selfish it was of me to become removed from their lives and missing very important aspects of them growing older but I am blessed to have a loving mother in my corner that is able to take care of my children until I return home to them.  With this ad I hope to gain friendship mabe some fun conversation with someone I am able to relate with in matter of life, music, and art these are a few things that I rely on to help me maintain in these tough times that come with incarceration so if you enjoy having deep conversations about anything under the sun give me a hit because I am in desperate need of companionship with someone with a beautiful soul and compassionate heart.

Age: 47

Height: 5’9

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Garnet Patton