Graham Correctional Center

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Gary Sams

Inmate Number: K50112
Graham Correctional Center
12078 Illinois Route 185 Hillsboro, IL 62049
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“Wanted”: A kind, understanding, fun, open, honest woman who is willing to accept the thoughts, friendship and loyalty of a man of integrity and moral values..

If you are willing , confident and have the desire to shine some light in this place of darkness and bring some relief of the pressures these walls place on a man.  Its you I seek.  I’d love to meet someone who expects nothing but honesty and nothing less!  Along with respect, realistic, positive views and aspirations.  Along with goals and sincere friendship, with endless possibilities?  Someone who’s character mirrors my own somewhat, but is original in their own right.  That would like to meet me on a intellectual level with hope’s of building a impeccable friendship and maybe more?  But a friendship at least.  I’m interested in a solid foundation of a embracing friendship with a woman of any culture, open race, over 21 who isn’t infatuated with materials or instagram likes.  Maturity, integrity and honesty regardless of age, race, rich, poor.  Its not complicated but seeming very difficult to find a rose in a world full of weeds!  This incarceration is temporary I’m currently in the process of this wrongful conviction being over-turned which I can and will elaborate on at a future time..

About me first and foremost I refuse to be fake or superficial or anything beside’s myself!  I don’t need the world or materials for happiness or satisfaction.  I don’t need social media for self approval or confidence I’m very self confident and secure!  But by no means arrogant or self absorbed.  I’m a very honest straight foward man, I’m respectful, honesty with a generous heart and spirit, I’m very openminded and down to earth.  Great sense of humor, caring, affectionate and passionate.  Hardworker.  Strong believer in God, family and hardwork..

I’m a bad boy-sweetheart that’s very loving that enjoys treating a woman with love and respect and nurturing.  There’s alot I can say about myself but I’d rather you learn and enjoy me for yourself?

A little more I’m 6’5, 285 lbs, 46 yrs old.  Solid, muscular build, green eyes, light brown hair, tattoos, irish from chicago born & raised.  Highschool and vocational school education, construction worker for 13 yrs previous before incarceration.  Some, not all my interests include art, I love drawing, tattoo & illustration art, I like to read, cook exercise, I love music!  Many genres.  I love animals (especially dogs) The outdoors, drag racing, muscle cars and much more..

Well I’m a firm believer that strangers are friends and possible companions we haven’t met yet, so this is why I chose to reach out and see if I can find what I seek through this platform!  To succeed chances need to be taken, so I’m taking the chance to find the female to give and recieve the attention, goals and aspirations with!  Along with laughs, thoughts, and perhaps love!  So to find a special friend would be a blessing!  Because I believe the best relationships are formed from awesome friendships.  So if we can’t be friends what can we be?  So if I piqued youre curiosity please feel free to respond!  All with be responded to in to kind.  Through regular mail or GTL messaging app.




Age: 46

Height: 6’3

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: White


State: Illinois