Menard Correctional Center

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Glen Torres

Inmate Number: M12747
Menard Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1000 Menard, IL 62259
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I’m 34 from Aurora, IL I’ve been incarcerated since 2015!  I’m hoping to meet & connect with people I can build a friendship with that will survive life situations that we may go threw.  Most people will see this & make conclusions based on my incarceration & things they may know or think they know & that’s fair & that’s life!  We can only go off what we know or think we know.  Being in prison has a way of stigmatizing those in it, but if your willing to get to know me you’ll be suprised of what you find out.  Most people will see a 34 year old man with a life sentence with nonthing to gain!  While in truth I’m a man learning to be a better person, father, friend & so much more while everyday trying to prove my innocents in a justice system that’s designed to fail us.  Everyday I live my life to it’s fullest potential & striving to be ambitious!  Motivated to be better & in the end trying to stay positive & uplift myself & those I love.  I won’t go into to much detail about who I am, only thats there’s more to me than my circumstances!  As is with anyone!  I believe once we get past cover, flip a few pages & understand each other great thing’s will follow & we will have built a friendship that last forever.  I’m excited to meet new & wonderful people & whatever that they may bring!  I appreciate you taking the time to check me out.


Plenty much love!

Glen Torres

Age: 35

Height: 6’1

Weight (lbs): 219

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois