Western Illinois Correctional Center

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Ivan Johnson

Inmate Number: R69908
Western Illinois Correctional Center
2500 Rt. 99 South Mount Sterling, IL 62353
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“Hey Wonderful”

How are you doing?  Well, I hope and pray.  I also hope that this message finds you in the very best of health mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Song – “Keyshia Cole”, (Sometimes).  A real decent song!

The reason why I signed up for this pen pal site is because I’m looking for that special person to call a true-friend in due time…  “I also called myself stepping out-side of my comfort zone.”

I am 6’3, 175 lbs, bald head with brown eyes.  I’m a very open minded individual who would love nothing more than to live vicariously through you if you would allow me to do so!  I enjoy playing basketball, chess, working out, and learning new things.  I am also very humble, respectful, considerate, and loyal when it matters the most!  As you can see that I have been incarcerated for a very long time now and I’m looking for that wonderful person to stimulate my mind, time and heart.  Truth of the matter is that I have been deprived of a real womans company for so long that you giving me just a minute of your precious time is truly a blessing because people tends to forget about you when you have been gone for so long which is understandable (SMH).  Well, I don’t want to waste to much of your time so I’ll keep this introduction short and brief.  


Take good care of yourself and I look forward to conversing with you in the near future.


Sincerely yours


Ivan Johnson

Age: 35

Height: 6’3

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois