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James Higgins

Inmate Number: R64301

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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My name is James Higgins. I`m from the southside of Chicago and for the past eighteen years I’ve been incarcerated for a murder. I spend most of my days eating, working out or on my tablet. I am a big sports fan. I don’t to much care for favorites in the since of teams. I just F with the teams I believe goin bring me  luck. I love Chicago though, but that should be a given, right? I`m an over laid back dude, I try to stay out of a lot of the BS but if it`s lookin it`s going to find you. What am I looking for? To tell the truth I`m looking for all the above. I need a friend that could be unbias and  let me know when I`m wrong, but I also need me a lover that’s goin boost me up when these times beat me down. And I definitely want and need somebody that`s down to have some fun. A lot of the time seeing you get emails, getting video visits and pictures make a nigga feel like Superman, but when he don’t he feels like the Joker. I’m looking for someone I could kick it with on any kind of level. I don’t mind learning new things, nor do I care about telling you I don’t give a F. I’m me everyday all day, I’m thirty-six years old and I know exactly who I am and you bout have to know who you are to F with me cause I know what I like in a woman. To speak on that I like my woman, or any woman I associate myself with to be a woman. Not only in then since of being born a woman, but to know her role as a main woman, feel me?

Now I’m not talking back in the twenties “a womans place is in the kitchen” type, but know a king’s kingdom is only as strong as his Queen is. And if we make it to this point I need to know who I have in my corner. I love loyalty. I have a tattoo that says, Life ain’t shit without Love, Love ain’t shit without Trust, and you don’t get Trust without Loyalty. I believe when you’re loyal to someone you have to love and respect that person. So the same time some people just want to F, or talk about FN, but after eighteen years of not FN I’m really about that life. Like I said earlier I’m looking for all the above, if there were boxes I would check’em all. I don’t discriminate I see beauty in all ethnics and hope to connect with some international women, give me a chance to expand my cultural horizon. I think that’ll be fun.
Damn I’m trippin it say up to 600 words I could’ve been cut this shit off(SMH). Anyway I’m lookin forward to hearing from you whoever you may be, see you later.

Age: 36


Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: James Higgins