Illinois River Correctional Center

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Joshua Kennedy

Inmate Number: Y58283
Illinois River Correctional Center
P.O. Box 999 Canton, IL 61520
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Little about myself 9/8/23


I guess I will start off by saying I am so southern since I was raised in the south.  I move back north to find work and a better life.  I love the outdoors, and I’m a big sports an especially football.  I’m big on family even doe I’m much of a loner.  Me on an average night before all this consisted of me working 10-14 hrs because I was a warehouse supervisor.  On my days off I would get into anything exciting, bar-hopping, billiards, clubbing, or sometimes BBQ with my co-workers.  I’m open for new experiences with new people plus new places.  When this journey is over I plan to finish getting my CDL and start my own company, so that way I can retire on a beach or either a ranch.  O yeah I do workout at least 4 days a week lol.  I’m here looking for a friend!  Please send letter and picture if I’m likable to you lol.




First they was friends


  1.  If I had one wish it would be to take a journey through your mind and find those emotions that you always try to hide.
  2. To spoil your mind with intimacy and carress your heart with loyalty, learn to understand your nature and understand your poetry, so even in death I will always come toward you.
  3. Your voice was just a whisper in the wind a thousand lifes away, intill your heart began to drum and soul ties made me hear what you had to say.  So I listen closely and follow the beat every step of the way.  I climb out of hell twice no water or no rest, I come to far to die in death!
  4. To see you again is all I have left!  A million lives later there you stood with open arms and a smile so blessed!

Then we both laugh as I said Heaven wasn’t far enough I barely broke a sweat.


Song of poem

When I see you again!!


Written by 

Age: 32

Height: 5’2

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois