Sheridan Correctional Center

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Jovino Ramirez

Inmate Number: R74036
Sheridan Correctional Center
4017 E. 2603 Road Sheridan, IL 60551
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My name is Jovino but you can call me Jay.  And well today Im looking to meet some new woman in hopes to find someone I can build a great friendship with and who are interested in having a good connection, who know’s maybe see where it all can lead to, LOL.  Heres a lil bit about myself, I love music and enjoy being a barber, spend time on my art and on educating myself in everything that Im able to learn bout.  I like trying new things in general, anything to stay positive in life and make the most and best out of each and everyday.  Im also very outgoing person with a great sense of humor, especially once you get to know me really well.  So if you interested Ill be more than happy to share that and morea bout myself with you in hopes that I can get to know all about you as well.  So please dont hesitate and contact me soon and hopefully I can make your day a lil better.  

Age: 34

Height: 5’10

Weight (lbs): 230

Sex: Male

Race: Hispanic

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois