Danville Correctional Center

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Kenny G Wicks

Inmate Number: B84918
Danville Correctional Center
3820 East Main Street Danville, IL 61834
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Name:  Kenny G Wicks – B84918

Incarceration Charge(s):  Aggravated Battery W/Firearm/Person

Sentence:  18 years at 85%

Earliest Release Date – Google Illinois HB5219

Release Date:  January 8, 2027

Race:  Black / Native American

DOB:  September 11, 1984

Age:  39

Sign:  Virgo

Height:  5’10”

Weight:  220 lbs.

Hair Color:  Black

Eye Color:  Black

# of Children:  2

Marital Status:  Single

Religion:  Christian

Education:  GED, Southwestern Illinois College, Belleville Area College, Vocational Courses, Hospice Course, Self-help Classes and several certificates

Home City:  St Louis

Home State:  MO

Willing to Relocate:  Yes

Seeking “someone special”, honest, smart, fun & down to earth.  Preference – mature (plus size) woman (only) (Age 36 – 71), race – all, (All plus sizes welcome)


Before I begin, I would like to thank you for the time & patience you’ve shown into reading my profile and I hope that this additional information will help you to further understand a bit more about me.  I am an open book, which I’ve been through a lot and would really like to meet someone who can accept me for the person I am now.  I don’t hide the past or run from it, but I do not and will not glorify either as I’ve learned from it and have moved on from that life-style.  I am not trying to waste anyone’s time, ask for anything outside of meeting a good, open honest woman, I am not searching for looks just someone who’s real.  In April of 2013 I was sentenced to 45 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections after being charged with the crime of first-degree murder from an incident that occurred in 2007 at the age of 23 years old.  Truthfully, it felt like my life was over, having to leave, being escorted away by the US Marshall while my two children stood and cried.  Son, 18 months and daughter 7 years old being left behind with family because of immature behavior and poor decision making at a young age that seems to have cost me everything.  At that moment I began to pray for all the damage I had caused as I asked for forgiveness one day from the families, from my children and for myself and freedom.  Soon I started to see and feel the power of prayer and through the grace of God, family and a highly experienced team of attorneys, 1o years later, August 2021, the sentence of 45 years had been overturned after misconduct of the State’s Attorney was discovered by my attorneys, the Court of Appeals agreed and in January of 2023, the entire case and charge of 1st degree murder had been dismissed.  However, with additional charges lingering from the aftermath, I plead guilty to a charge of Aggravated Battery W/Firearm/Person and was sentenced to 18 years to be served at 85% leaving me with 31 months now to do.  Since being incarcerated, I’ve taken a firm and serious approach to knowledge, wisdom and understanding of all important aspect of life through education and health to assure myself of a positive and productive re-entry in society and a bright future.  I am blessed to have both of my children’s love and understanding which has allowed me to remain actively in their lives over all these years and to have built a special bond.  My son is now 14 years of age and my daughter who is now a 20-year-old college student and I am proud as I look forward to coming home.  I am thankful to be able and write this profile for myself as I can now describe and consider myself an asset and investment to the woman who allows me into her life.  I would like to build through positive conversation on multiple topics.  I would like to have someone special to look forward to as I would like to start new.  Someone to call a friend to talk to and get to know.  Someone who likes to laugh but is also firm and serious when needed.  Someone who wants to enjoy a nice life and would like to work towards their future. Someone who is outgoing with goals and ambition.  Someone who wants to be respected and appreciated at all times.  Someone who would like to feel special and who can always be herself.  Someone who can relate to hard times in the life and who has been through somethings.  Someone who has experience and guidance or advice when she feels it’s needed.  Someone who is willing to listen and learn but isn’t afraid to teach.  Someone who can accept, embrace & respect their beautiful flaws.  Who has the time and patience to take things slow as we get to know one another.  Someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions and can not be easily distracted or divided by the negative energy of others.  A leader when needed but is also willing to follow someone who knows when they’ve met someone special and I hope that sweet, kind someone is you.

Enjoys music, food, outdoors, sports, family, vacations, movies, live events, to make memories and more.

Thank you, your friend

Email:  ILDOC.GTLVisitMe.com

#1-855 208 7349

Age: 39

Height: 5’10”

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois