Lawrence Correctional Center

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Larmott Dantzler

Inmate Number: R24578
Lawrence Correctional Center
10930 Lawrence Road Sumner, IL 62466
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Dear love

So I’m a king.  Black one that is.  So I know how 2 treat a queen & in my life time the one’s who show me the most love was women.  (So I appreciate y’all) Rather it was a woman in my family or a woman I was in a relationship of some kind with showed me the most love & loyalty.  (Women are way more loyal than men)  So y’all are the one’s I ride 4.  Put my life on the line 4. When I fuck with you like that you will always know you secure with me.  I just need 2 feel secured as well ya know?  Rather it’s emotionally, mentally, physically, or other wise pause, now I know I can’t beat it up right now but it’s other things we can do 2 get you 2gether.  This how we get 2 hold each other down through.  Be real partners in life.  Be real partners in life.  Be real family 2 each other.  Incorperating our children & everything if you got any (I have 2 grown daughters) & really building something 2 stand on something solid.  That’s what I want & that’s what I’m bringing 2 the table & that’s why I’m looking 4 a queen.  Cuz only a queen can bring it like that & still be able to 2 see that from right here.  I can still be a king & make shit happen & play my part 2 my queen, 2 my family, 2 the tee.  I just need my baby 2 respect & appreciate that about her man.  Cuz that’s what gone keep me strong & ready 4 the world & what ever viciousness it may throw at me or at us.  So instead of us having the T.V. type drama (you know the toxic relationships that seem 2 be in style 2day) that in real life will fuck up real relationships that is not on no T.V. type of time ya know?  I rather love on something & build rather than hate on something & tear down so where my baby at?  I know you out there I can feel you.  Let’s bring our spirits 2gether & create something beautiful maybe, hopefully, 4 a lifetime. 

Age: 41

Height: 5’9

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois