Pontiac Correctional Center

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Larry Broomfield

Inmate Number: Y42746
Pontiac Correctional Center
P.O. Box 99 Pontiac, IL 61764
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“Hey ladies, I made some time to set this up, with faith and hope that I’ll find that special someone, who’s just right for me.  So hopefully soon we could rotate through letters, emails, video visits, contact visits, and phone calls.  So we could get the chance to get to know eachother better, on all levels, so we could have a real bond and stay in touch, now while Im away and hopefully even soon once Im home.  Because honestly I’ll be home sooner than my outdate say, due to all the juvenile laws that’s in play for me in my appeal at the moment.  Due to me only being 16 years old when I got arrested in 2015, all the juvenile laws will help me get home sooner on parole.  There also was alot of mistakes that took place in my trial, so either they gone give me a new trial soon or drop my charge to manslaughter, and if I get it to manslaughter I’ll be able to come home very soon, due to I already got seven years in, and with manslaughter they don’t request for much time.  So honestly it’s not looking to bad for me in my appeal, and I have a great chance to be home very soon, due to all the juvenile laws and mistakes in my trial.  So when it comes to my case, Im on top of it, I study the law and my case alot to help my appeal process.  Everything will be all good soon, it’s just a process we must go through to get to the finish line.  So im trying to be humble with faith & patience through this hard time, but it’s not easy when sometimes I feel alone, forgotten, and stressed with alot of pain.  I say that because since I been gone these seven years, I’ve took alot of losses, by losing people very close to me.  I lost my mother, my step-father, my brother, and a few close friends as well.

So it’s just been very hard for me here in prison, but I still have a good support system, so I stay strong and keep pushing for my freedom.  Now Im just looking for that special someone, that will bring peace, joy, and real love into my life, someone who’ll always be honest, and loyal to me no matter what.  Someone I can trust and be open with, always sharing and talking to about everything, just someone I can get very close to, that’ll always be there when I need them on all levels.

I promise to be the same someone Im looking for to you, I’ll always keep it real with you, and give you the real me.  I’ll never lie to you, or do anything to hurt you, due to I’ve been through too much pain in relationships myself.  So have no worries with me trust me.  Im a very honest, humbled, caring, loving, understanding, wise and beneficial type person.  Also even though Im in prison, Im willing to provide alot from here to the right female, through cashapp, money orders, flowers, gifts, etc.  I also have no type, I like all females, that’s any race, yes looks matter, but Im really focused on your inner self.  I like and prefair older females, even though Im only 23 alot of people say I have a old soul and ways.  Im willing to talk to someone my age as well, just can’t do no childish, messy female.  I love a freak.  I love kids.  You’ll find out more soon, just contact me ASAP, with letters, and pictures.”

Age: 23

Height: 5’10

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois