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Leartist Bowman

Inmate Number: B03501

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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* Attention, Attention, Attention


Hello my name is Leartist but everyone call me Lee for short I’m 5’2 in height & weigh 210 athletic build I enjoy happyness, size and age doesn’t matter looks either as long as you have a beautiful heart and a careing soul Im 51 yrs. Of age.

I also dont need much to make me happy in friendships.  Im easy going and I’m attentive to whom I am interested in Im a great listener Im Baptist in religion but I dont judge as long as you not a horrible person I’m fine with who you are Im sure we can learn from one another Ive not had a chance to experence a lot in life so I would like to know a lot about you and I’ve been in prison for a whyle now but I got some good things going for me in court so hopefully I can begain my freedom and be able to have a chance to enjoy life with that special someone

I would like to know all about you what makes you happy what are some of the things that makes you motivated, and what can put a smile on your face, I would like to know anything about you that you feel comfortable with telling me I promis there is no pressure when dealing with me

I am being honest I am looking for someone to love me I cannot lie I need someone to love me isnt that what life is all about?! That will just enhance any friendship and if the friend ship progress, fuller Im open to that for sure and I want someone that I can say that I love also I not pickey just want someone who is honest, lovely, beautiful and is willing to give love a change and that can help mend my heart so it can beat for someone special

Remember size age looks doesnt matter nor if you have kids that dont matter either as long as you’re a lovely woman you can sign up to e-mail me at ( or write me postal:

Leartist Bowman #B-03501

Pontiac, IL 61764

P.O. Box 99


And you can send pictures postal through various postal services no completely nude photos I can’t recive them.

Looking to hear from you soon lets get to know one another.  I will answer any question you ask me honestly

Age: 51

Height: 6’2

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Leartist Bowman