Stateville Correctional Center

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Lemuel Hardy

Inmate Number: N95083
Stateville Correctional Center
P.O. Box 112 Joliet, IL 60434
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Description: Hello

My name is Lemuel Hardy and all my family and friends call me Lem.  I’m 58 years old and 6’ft and weight 240 lbs Im brown skin and brown eyes.  Im a down to earth brother wishing to recieve mail.  All letters and messages are welcome as long as they arent from judmental people who are playing games.  My every action, behavior, and attitude will always be respectful because I want to be respected.  I would love to read and write letters, or get messages to share many different thought and ideas.  The kind of bond that I’m looking to build is the kind that lasts and stands the test of time.  I’m not in search for sympathy and all I do ask is for your complete understanding to all every chance to share goals, dreams, and future plans as well as desires.  I truly strive to give back the wisdom I’ve acquired over years and many different experiences.  I’ve dealt in and been used by life’s elaberate web of decietful games.

Today I’m truly humble, sincere, loyal, and dedicated to change while having a listening ear to whoever needs one.  I’ll never judge, but cherish any opportunity to meet and become friends with someone new.  After so many years of searching, Ive found that as well as learned that a companion, someone that you can open up to and trust, are truly hard to find.  My promise is to always keep it real and never disrespect your mind, heart, soul, spirit or your intelligence.  All I ask for is a real chance talk as well as hear truthfully at all times.  Thank you for all your time and energy in advance.  Have a wonderful day.


With great respect

Samuel Hardy


Lemuel Hardy #N95083

P.O. Box 112

Joliet, IL 60434

Age: 59

Height: 6’0

Weight (lbs): 260

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois