Stateville Correctional Center

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Levelle Henry

Inmate Number: K52692
Stateville Correctional Center
P.O. Box 112 Joliet, IL 60434
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SMB 44,5’6,217LBS, from chicago illinois just in search of an open minded, straight forward down-to-earth female. One who is above and beyond the artificial role plays and emotional games. Im in search of someone to shed a little light on these grey walls and in return i’d be willing to share my desires for the future. My incarceration is only temporarily. However, this new journey that i’ve chosen comes with a new thirst for life, knowledge and companionship. One of the world’s most sought after secrets is happiness, I realize that happiness comes in many forms. The happiness i seek comes in the form of a letter. Words are powerful. Words can be a new beginning for a person. Certain things in life are inevitable, like we know that the sun will rise and set with each day! I can only hope that our chance of meeting will be an inevitable moment. I believe that strangers are nothing but friends who haven’t met yet, so there’s no need to be alarmed. I would love to politic with you on a level of love and frienship. I guess you can say i’m looking for that exotic rose among the adequate flowers, someone who believes in loyalty and isn’t stagnated by insecurities or infatuated with childhood games but ready to meet me on an intellectual level and create something worth embracing & beautiful. Are you woman enough to erase my faults and embrace a man who would do it all again simply because he loves you? If you are the one, then i’m here waiting for you. If i have managed to pique your interest, please pursue your curiosity by writing/emailing me at; LEVELLE HENRY STATEVILLE CORR. CTR., joilet-ill 60646: or by downloading into your smart phone tablet.

Age: 43

Height: 5’5

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois