Big Muddy River Correctional Center

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Marcus Jackson

Inmate Number: Y23590
Big Muddy River Correctional Center
251 N. Illinois Highway 37 Ina, IL 62846
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Hello Beautiful,

I’m Marcus, a writer, a poet, an artist, and definitely a hopeless romantic, who understands the true essence of words.  Down to earth, educated, ambitious and quite humorous man who originates from Chicago.  I enjoy listening to music, working out, playing sports, and cooking in my 8 by 6 . . . LOL, just joking.  I’ve had the opportunity to travel to a few places around the world thanks in part to me being in the Marine Corps and from my love of traveling in search of new visually amazing destinations.  Do you enjoy traveling?  If so, what would be your ideal location to go if money were no object?  Also, what brings you to this website being as transparent as possible?  Now in me asking you a question such as that let me be as blunt as I can be so there is nothing hidden or any misunderstandings.

I believe trust and honesty is the key to any foundation! So what I’m looking for is a soulmate, a life partner, someone who wants to be told how great they are, how beautiful she is daily but also admired and appreciated for her bountiful strength on the inside.  A partner who wants her man to be fascinated by her mind and intellect.  A woman who wants to be encouraged to be that super woman she already is, a true queen, my queen.  I’m in search of a spiritual intellectual, compassionate, romantic entanglement that will last the ages such as an idyllic dynasty, a truly powerful connection that even these concrete walls can’t prevent.

My heart overflows with love but as I stated before, I am a hopeless romantic . . . SMH.  Now I am mindful that everyone isn’t here for that and I’m completely ok with all and any forms of communication.  So let’s chat, “What up” LOL. I would love to hear from you so we can explore what we have in common, the beginnings of amazing dialogue.  It’s faster to go through “GTL” and the hyperlink to send me messages.  I will get those immediately.

Now while I await your response, allow me to give you a glimpse of who I am by giving you a poem to remember me by and to make you smile:

You are the essence of beauty

The simple nuance of love

You’re everything an author could write of

You’re the sparkle in diamonds

And yet the glitter in gold

You’re lifes beauty in whole

The gleam in my eye

My reason for not wanting to say Bye-Bye


Until then . . .  chow

Sincerely, Marcus


P.S.  And if you want to send me pictures : ) which will always be super appreciated, use “Pelipost” The photos to prison APP.  Talk to you soon.


Age: 43

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois