Sheridan Correctional Center

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Marquill Buckner

Inmate Number: Y52237
Sheridan Correctional Center
4017 E. 2603 Road Sheridan, IL 60551
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Yoo wats the word how yall feeling?  Im looking for a lil penpal im from Chicago Im 21 I like nasty women im funny solid and loyal im in prison for 2 guns I been gone almost 3 years but im maybe finna get work release soon.  I need someone thats gone entertain me why im doing this lil time so if you want to hit me up im open for any conversation.  Its not wat I can do for you its all the way I can make you feel I’ve had to learn to be more modest and humble cause I want people to know me for me.  Cause its way more to me then being in prison.  So write me back and meet someone thats real.

I’m interested in older women also.

Age: 22

Height: 5’6

Weight (lbs): 140

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois