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Martin Lyons

Inmate Number: M19540

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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Mood: Blessed and motivated


Song: Medicine by Musiq Soulchild


Hello world!  I’m Martin or you can call me Mardy doesn’t matter.  Coming on this site I don’t know what to expect so I don’t want to expect because sometimes expectations turns into disappointments do you agree?  So I’d rather let the universe and nature dictate what happens for the future.  I’m only looking for a solid friendship, maybe someone I can have some fun with in making them smile or their day better and easier.  Small things that matters the most like a breath of fresh air!

With that said let me tell you about me:  I’m 5’11 about 215 with kind of dad body LoL.  Well, I’m a 35 year old grown man so who cares about the action figure body anymore?  I still work out though, a lil bit LoL.  I’m a cancer so I value loyalty, honesty, and respect.  Regardless that loyalty is like a fossil fuel nowadays, that won’t change my characteristics, I promise!  I’ve been an introvert most of my life so I keep my crowd small.  After being locked up 15 years I’ve decided it’s time to reveal who I became.  I know who I am learning so much about myself and I’m truly blessed!  I don’t claim religion though because I’m far from perfect but my relationship with God gives me freedom to come as I am I do read the bible, the wisdom inside I love!  It’s a beautiful thing, trust me!  I also love writing thoughts in poetic fashion, making my own quotes, I have experience in cutting hair and I’ve self taught myself how to be a successful civil litigator.  I’m trying to learn to speaking spanish fluently or any other languages I can so I’m not just a bump on a log doing nothing with my life!

On the flip side, I want to get ot know you.  I would like to provide an outlet for you to get away from the outside noise of your life which I’m sure is very loud.  I want to show you loyalty still exists and appreciate your company having deep conversations with you and grown talk.  Romance is not my intention but you will have to think hard dealing with me.  I would love to build you up, challenging you mentally and show you something inside you that you never knew existed!  I want you to challenge and push me too because I’m very eager to learn new things whether it’s speaking spanish fluently, better decision making etc.  My pen and pad are ready for first lesson with you.  (Smiling)  Now get over here, sit by me, let that hair down, allow me to massage your temples, comb that hair releasing all that tension and get comfortable!  Satisfaction guaranteed!

Last but never least, I have great news!  I just found out that my arrest is illegal and I’m pushing the envelope hard to get my deserving chance at freedom!  If you want to help support me that’s great!  If not, it’s no biggy because I’m fighting like hell for the opportunity.  Well, I hope you enjoyed reading me and I hope I caught your interest.  I’m looking forward to seeing your smile one day.  I truly believe in the situation with me, you have nothing to lose and there’s no telling what you might gain out this experience.  That’s just my opinion though so don’t mind me.  I have much respect to give and hopefully hopeful to hear from you!


Loyalty first and always



Age: 35

Height: 5’9

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Martin Lyons