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Matthew Thompson

Inmate Number: N40938

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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Hello love, 11/12/22


This intro is for someone that’s seeking love, who wants to be loved and know how to love when they are showed love.  I’m Matthew, 5ft 4 in, brown complexion with eyes to match.  I’m bald headed with a well manage goat-tee, I believe honestly and transparence is a show of integrity, as a foundation of truth when in search of compatibility.  I have a past, which doesn’t disqualify or define my today’s nor future.  There is greatness in all of us who finds meaning and purpose to happiness, that I chose within the female race I welcome all walks of life as a potential wife.

I’m a man of faith, because I believe in God writing from my heart not as a front or to impress, but in hopes that someone sec the true me in search of friendship and love.  I’m 58 soon to be 59 and full of life like a 25 ????.  I’m adventurous, smart (confident) loving the outdoors of life, beit camping, boat sports, horseback riding, bike riding, I love walks in the park (holding hands) going to the zoo, carnivals, aquariums, to being on the breach watching the sun go down or come up with a bon-fire and eats in the moment.  To flying a kite for exercise instead of gym, fishing, bowling or just watching a love story movie.  I love to cook strove or grill just making family meal ex-specially holidays.  As far as working.  I take pride in as a provider or just around the house cleaning and fixing as a handyman ????

I always find quality time with that significant one, who knows how to be a lady as I am a gentleman, by opening doors, removing my hat, making sure a lady seated and treated properly when escorted and comfortable before with removing their coat and personal belongings.  It’s common courtesy being considerate and polite in the present of a woman, in etiquette as part of my D.N.A. mannerism ???? I have experienced the finer things in life and the less.  I just want to share knowledge, life and wisdom that comes with understandings with that special someone who can appreciate the gift to listen and be heard from one another is rare.  I would like to add, I find occasions to pamper someone who has become a love interest.  By shopping be it for grocery store, clothing store or shoe shopping.  To just noticing your nails or hair done.  I find pleasure to compliment ????  How I love to accompany a lady to delight a day at the spa with pedicure, manicure and massage.  I find enjoyable, relaxing, looking tinto one another’s eyes listening to music with a nice glass of wine, even if you are coming in from work discussing how your day went.  Is a bonus upon cuddling or just reading a book.  Let’s not forget the start of the day with a cup of coffee as a morning wake up, a kiss before departing as we leave one another site until we are intimately at the end of the day back in one another arms again.  Never wanting to part a passion that started as friendship became the ultimate of a endless love.  So I close, in hope these words I write with photos that someone will feel and know, I speak from the heart to the person that was able to receive with a understanding heart.





Age: 59

Height: 5’4

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Matthew Thompson