Sheridan Correctional Center

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Maurice Bowden

Inmate Number: B72605
Sheridan Correctional Center
4017 E. 2603 Road Sheridan, IL 60551
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My name is Maurice, friends and family use my nickname Mo-Mo which feel to use either one.  Well, I am not sure if this site shows my outdate or not but I have less than 2 years left to do before I touch back to the free world.  So, I am looking to meet new people (females) to gain a friendship if nothing else.  Now I understand everyone is not into writing letters now a days which is okay because there are other ways for us to communicate in this situation such as we can send each other emails/text messages, video visits, in person visits as well as phone calls.  I am 200 plus pounds, 5’11 feet tall, brown eyes, brown skin, tone with a long length of hair that I either wear in braids to the back or just brushed into a ponytail.  Now I am open to correspondence with any and all slim, plus size, skinny or black, white, mixed, Latino and please make sure you are an adult by all means.  Okay, with all of that said and done let’s get this pen pal relation started.  The next move is on you.

Yours truly


Age: 49

Height: 5’10

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois