Stateville Correctional Center

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Michael Wade

Inmate Number: K89249
Stateville Correctional Center
P.O. Box 112 Joliet, IL 60434
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Update:  I have been moved to a work release center and I no longer have access to G.T.L email services, but I am allowed to have a cellphone.

Text messages:  (618) 292  – 8490


Michael Wade K89249

North Lawndale ATC

2839 W. Fillmore St.

Chicago, IL 60612


If you’ve come to a pause on this profile, then first and foremost allow me to thank you and also introduce myself.  

My name you already know, but who I am is still the big mystery.  The mystique of the unknown is the exciting part that draws one in closer.  Everyone wants to know what’s hidden in the box, or what lies just beyond the closed door. 

Just like myself, wondering who you are, what you’re like not knowing what you like or dislike but wanting to know even more now then before. I am aquarius, a thinker, a dreamer who loves the stars of the night sky.  A king looking for a queen, for a dreamer.

You will never get to know me by reading this profile I am far to much to condense down to a size that this page allows.  Therefore, with this introduction I extend to you a open invitation to reach out to me so that one day we may be able to say “we know each other”.


Thank you,


Age: 43

Height: 6’0

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois