Pontiac Correctional Center

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Nelson Young

Inmate Number: K99533
Pontiac Correctional Center
P.O. Box 99 Pontiac, IL 61764
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To whoever is interested, I’m 5’8, 200 lbs, I have brown eyes I’m honest, hard working, sincere, don’t play emotional games.  My likes is writing, reading, romance, romantic dinners, cuddling, movies.  My dislikes is dishonest, emotional games, and all around phony people.  I’m looking for a professional open minded person who is not afraid to show their feelings and don’t play emotional games, that is ready for a friendship that can probable grow into a true friendship or relationship.  I hope that you are experiencing the most precious gifts that life has to offer you.  As for me, I am writing to let you know that I want to change my identity from being a stranger, to becoming a friend.  I am also reaching out my hands to you not only for you to take it and walk with me into a beautiful friendship, but to uplift you and let you know that I am someone who is willing to devote the time, conversation, and companionship only to your advantage.  Good people are hard to fine, that’s why sometimes you have to test the water, and take a chance.  I am searching of someone who walks out.  The only way to describe such a person, is to call them a friend, and every person has the time when they need one.  There is nothing more beautiful then the combining of two souls that has grown and prepared themselves to experience the most powerful emotion there is, called love.


Time is one of the most prized possesions people have on earth.  I am prepared to invest all of mine in you.  The time any person have is very delecate, and I don’t intend to waste a second of it.  Conversations, one of the best ways to discover what type of person someone may be.  I’m willing to present nothing but the best conversations, so you can use your own judgement to form an opinion on what type of person I am.  Companionship is when two people come together and express themselves to each other.  I’m able to take upon the pleasure of expressing my feelings, goals, and experiences to you in whatever way possible.  Unfortunately, I am unable to present myself in a physical appearance due to the situation I’m in at this point in time.  I’m not a waste of time or a disappointment.  I’m looking forward to hearing a responce from you so I will know if you are willing to except my situation.  Christian’s is a plus but will respond to all, if you just want to be friends, love, or just want to have some fun I’m your man.  Race, age doesn’t matter


Age: 65

Height: 5’8

Weight (lbs): 200

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois