Illinois River Correctional Center

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Reed Catalano

Inmate Number: M50085
Illinois River Correctional Center
P.O. Box 999 Canton, IL 61520
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My name is Reed, my friends all call me Reno.  I am ⅚ with black hair and brown eyes I am about 135 and 145 lbs

I am Sicilan, German, and White

I am from a town or suburb – out side of Chicago Illinois called Naperville.

I have never been married and have no kids I am 53 years old soon to be 54.  My birthday is 3/29/70.

I love to read and collect books, I love to cook, draw, paint, cars, pets-kids, going shoping, all holidays,k but halloween being – my favorit, I love going to the beach, singing, I love the city, The Chicago sky line, is beautiful!  And so is the city, so much to do, day or night!!  I love the changing of all of the seasons, fall also being my favorit, I do love to try new things, I really love music, all kinds, and it is pretty safe to say I do love life as well!!  I have now been here in prison for – well- 10 ½ years I have -11- years left on paper, but do to my excellent behavior and all of my good work and accomplishments including getting now baptized and graduating many, many, programs and having a good job for many years as a car giver to older, sickly, inmates that can’t get around to well.  I should be released in – 7- years, I am considerd super low risk inmate.  

Anyway I am looking for – some one to share my thoughts with and most importantly a new friend ok and I do beleave in love, I am a romantic, I am a old fashiond man and very opinionated as well, I am strong willed and have a very good work ethic, always have ok I have never been to prison before and do believe in the justice system, and take full responsibilty for me being here in prison, it is a life – altering experience, something that will follow me for the rest of my life, and I mean fo ever!!  But I will be ok, I have not wasted any time at all while being incarcerated, I started – planning my release the day that I entered the system, I have decided to now reach out to a pen pal site after a little more than a decade behind bars, yes it is almost over for me!  Now comes, part two of my journey – I have alot of life left and alot of plans ahead of me.  Yes I do at – this time in my life beleave that for every door that closes, there is one to open, but then again I have always beleaved that ok my unfortunate situation has not changed me for the worse, but for the better, and I do mean it quite, literaly!!  Now I am ready to meet someone, ok some wonderful, caring, smart, and insightful penpals, are you her?  If so please write to me ok, I would really love to hear from you alright, so write to me.


OK by for now.


Or Reno

Age: 53

Height: 5’6

Weight (lbs): 149

Sex: Male

Race: White

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois