Vienna Correctional Center

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Richard Sharp

Inmate Number: K76248
Vienna Correctional Center
6695 State Route #146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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My name is Richard but everyone calls me El Khulil.  I am looking for fun, real, authentic, and altruistic people to correspond with.  I enjoy learning, teaching, helping people, and preparing myself for to effect real and lasting change in this world upon my release.  I have attained a “bachelor’s of theology” degree already and I’m currently enrolled in Northwestern universities’ master’s degree program in “social science”.  I’ve been incarcerated 23 yrs now and with the credit I’m receiving from the Northwestern university program I will be home in 3 yrs at the latest.

I love meeting new people and building with them in the hopes of being able to enhance their quality of life and expand their perspective some.  

I also am a published author.  My book entitled:  The Beginning of the End of Racism in America…which I wrote with my mother Elaine Sharp can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, E-Books, or wherever books may be found

Yet despite all of my accomplishments during incarceration, I am a firm believer in “Expressing my knowledge in my conduct rather than in my words.”  

Due to the stigmatization of incarceration in this country though, many people miss out on meeting or even sharing their life with some extraordinary human beings that have been hidden away from society for things “crimes” that they may or may not have committed.  Change and forgiveness ins non-existent and fear of a human being because of what a paper says, then takes control.

As long as society lacks a distinction between a prisoner’s actions and his or her “Personal worth”, there will never be true rehabilitation.

I have knowledge of self and I’m conscious of my value and worth!  It would be an honor and a pleasure to get to know you better and to share these things with you.  Peace, health, and prosperity be upon you!  Hope to hear from you soon!

Age: 44

Height: 5’8

Weight (lbs): 161

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Judaism

State: Illinois