Danville Correctional Center

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Robert Green

Inmate Number: B73031
Danville Correctional Center
3820 East Main Street Danville, IL 61834
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Hello ladies,

First, let me say, that, this is my first time applying to a penpal service!  But, I was told, that, you never know where you might find love!? Or, where it just might find you!?  So, with that being said, here I am, looking for love, or, hoping that love, just might find me!?

Now, a lil bit about myself: my name is, Robert Green.  And, I’m currently being housed at the Western IL. Correctional Center, in Mount Sterling, IL.  I’m 5’10 & weigh a solid 210 Lb’s!  I’ve been incarcerated now, for [31] years!  And, come this November, I’ll be submitting my petition – for executive clemency, for, time served!

Over the course of my incarceration, I’ve been married once.  It lasted for about (6) years; we’re now divorced & we’ve both moved on!  And, moving on for me means: keeping my heart & mind, open to the possibility, of finding a strong & beautiful love; with an even stronger & more beautiful, woman!  A woman, who embodies, class, sophistication, & a drive to succeed in life, as well as, in love!  And race, age, nor color, or religion, plays a part in my decision to love!  Just your heart & your willingness to love & be loved in return!  Lastly ladies, I want you to know, that I have a very strong & loving support system!  I have (4) adult kids, who I love dearly!  An older, loving, sister, who I’ll always treat like my baby sister!  And, a younger brother whom I love & who I’m very proud of!

  And last, but not least, is, my very strong & very loving mother, who’s my best friend!  The one thing, or person, who’s missing from this picture…is, a strong, loving, beautiful & devoted woman – who I can give all of my love & devotion to!  So, if any of my words resonated with you?  I’d like to hear from you!  Be it, through: email, pen & paper, or, a video visit!  I’m looking forward to the possibilities – of finding: “My Queen.”

So, take care.

Always love

“Forever a king”.

Age: 55

Height: 5’10

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois