Menard Correctional Center

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Robert Javrai Morris

Inmate Number: R71372
Menard Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1000 Menard, IL 62259
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To: whom this may concern,

This is dedicated to any and all beautiful women in the world.  I’m currently on this site simply looking for a ‘good-woman’ (a friend, some genuine companionship).  Hopefully there’s someone out there who I can build with.  Someone who really understand what loyalty is.  I’m looking for a woman whom I can confide in and someone who can teach me a few things.  I enjoy the fact that there’s so many empowered women out there, and that’s of any and all races/ethniticies.  Hopefully these words identify who “you” are.

Well, I’ve been incarcerated for some time now, and here in Illinois, our Gov. J.B. Pritzker, swears he’s trying to help release guys & women whose been gone for 15 yrs. Or better.  My 15th yr. Mark is coming up on or about April 20th, 2024.  (Basically a year and some change from now).  I’ve been fighting my case on my own and filing civil complaints, in order to run-up the bag so I can vacay once I’m free. (Which is well deserved).  I feel like if I had the right helping hand and lending ear, many dreams will come true.

Listen, I truly understand how there’s so many individuals ‘out there’ whose been fooled by foolish men out there and foolish men behind these walls.  Men whose gets were child-ish, self-centered and conniving.  However, I’ma fire sign and I always go out my way to make sure I’m self-dependant and where it is that I’m on a hustle to have all my own things.  My ambition, and enthusiasm is what makes so many people take notice of me.  And truthfully I’ll love to show that to a deserving woman that side of me.


Hopefully those words peak your interest….feel free to write me back both ways @    


Robert Morris #R71372

P.O. Box # 1000

Menard IL 62259

Age: 35

Height: 5’11

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois