Centralia Correctional Center

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Robert Sholes

Inmate Number: B20492
Centralia Correctional Center
P.O. Box 7711 Centralia, IL 62801
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14 – March – 23



Hi Outthere

Robert Sholes, B20492 – P.O. Box 7711, Centralia, IL 62801


My name is Bob, I am 56 yrs of age, 240 LBS, 6 ft with blue green eyes.

I’ve all of my salt & pepper hair currently cut short.  Still have most of my teeth and pretty healthy, trying to get body I had at thirty nine back

205 lbs solid muscle.

I’ve 20 yrs of 25 yrs to serve some and seeking “heaven kissed by an angel” heaven are you outthere?…

Seriously looking for 1 woman that I can call my own taste of heaven on earth.

A woman to love, adore and worship as a fine jewel.  Been married three times to beautiful women in their own right.

More so outside than inside, to bad for all of us.  I desire a woman that can or will teach me how to garden or help with.

A woman thatll go fishing with me, a woman that’ll just enjoy life with me.

I’ll not be drinking, drugging or running the roads.  I’am retiring from prison sad but true.  Located 62 miles due east of St. Louis Missouri in Centralia Illinois, just outside of town.  I am incarcerated for mistake I made in judgement not an intensional criminal creep act.

I will explain all in depth should you decide to give me a chance in love, at life.  I am die hard NFL, Green Bay Packers football fan as I am my fathers eldest son and he was from Wisconsin.

I like dogs, cats, fish, horse’s animals.  I’ve been into hot rods as well as a Cadillac or Lincoln.  Harley Davidson motorcycles and of course always a pickup truck.

I am cement finisher by trade but always worked construction so a nice truck a must for me.  I can and will relocate to anywhere in the U.S.A.

Listen to classic rock, country and some blues.  I’ve lived a life of sex, drugs, rock n roll now I at 56 just want to work out, be and look healthy for a wonderful human being just like you.  A personal ad can have 10 or 100 hits IT DOES NOT MEAN 1/ONE PERSON HAS CONTACTED ME!  So write, send post card, let me know you’re outthere I will write back immediately.

I dont make promises but my word is good, I’ll not play games with anyone.  

I’am searching for a wife in my life my future forever.  I do believe in God, and proved to be American.  All chances are not mistakes take one and get in touch.



Age: 56

Height: 5’11

Weight (lbs): 272

Sex: Male

Race: White

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois