Sheridan Correctional Center

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Romaris Walton

Inmate Number: B69607
Sheridan Correctional Center
4017 E. 2603 Road Sheridan, IL 60551
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From: Romaris Walton B-69607 [A.K.A. “Avatar”]


To: Mrs. Right, Righteous, and, absolutely Ripe@


I am a very resilient man, of strong convictions, and the truth by far, means more to me than anything.  I am not a racist man, I see diffrent cultures and ethnicities as, unique representations of the human family.  

I do believe that a universally minded woman who is spiritually grounded, will compliment my inner qualities.  And we will always be able to refuel, be creative, and millenial in our connection.

I have been locked up physically for almost 20 years.  I can honestly say that this coccoon phase, (Which is how i view my incarceration.  Has caused a metamorphisis, that hieghtened all of my senses, perspectives, potential, belief systems, and most importantly, my understanding of how important it is to be connected with the right woman. 

I don’t believe in the ageing process, I know changes occur in a human life span, but our nuerological access gives the human species, a chance to evolve, as time goes by.  A oppurtunity to think of, and implement better ways to enjoy life’s journey.  Our biological ages, don’t have to be a ticking time bomb that threatens our individual happiness, motivations, and relevance potential.

I do believe that handicapped, disabled, and even woman who may be stricken with a terminal illness, or disorders that may hinder their self-esteem.  Are all eligible to be a companion, friend, or , love of my life.  My quest for the right woman, has no restrictions or boundaries.  I know now that nothing lasts forever and that a moment of pure love, is more valuable than extended years of manipulative, oppurtunistic, and surface beauty based, connections.  Which only weakens the mind, body, and spirit, along the way of life’s journey.  Which is worser than that of the short-comings in which i named earlier in this paragraph.  Only differing, in the areas of the significant other’s , existence as a whole.  I pray that my thought’s, words, and sincere aspirations, reach the ears, mind, and heart of the right woman, so i can finally be released from the psycological/emotional prison of, (Loneliness, lacking genuine love+Concern from the right woman, as well as being denied the oppurtunity to share the genuine love potential that exists inside of me), and if by chance, these words reach the ears, mind, and heart of a woman who only seeks friendship, or a simple life partner i am available for that degree of companionship as well.  

[As a well-endowed man, i would prefer a well-endowed woman, a fair request, and preference, Do you agree?  Oh course it’s not the most important quality, by far.  But it will help intensify the sexual dialog, and stimulation intensity, Do you agree?]

I value the richness of life’s journey, and how degraded life is without a compatible woman, especially given the state of the world at this present moment.  I know that we all make mistakes, and could be better, in our own ways.  But the point of a better connection with a woman, is to make a man happier, and to enhance life’s journey, as a whole over all.  The true definition of a thriving relationship, and personally, I am totally ready.  My sign is Taurus, I am almost 50 years young, High Melanin skin tone, athletic, powerfully build, high stamina, spiritually grounded, compassionate, I love animals, nature, studying, playing basketball, and solving problems(in all areas).  My spiritual name is “Avatar”

Age: 49

Height: 6’3

Weight (lbs): 260

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Islam

State: Illinois