Big Muddy River Correctional Center

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Ronald Medlin

Inmate Number: B60426
Big Muddy River Correctional Center
251 N. Illinois Highway 37 Ina, IL 62846
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I would like to start this out, by sharing a little about myself.  Im a young man in my early 50’s, but 50 is the new 30.  LoL

Ive done some bad shit in my past, but its all behind me now.

Im looking for someone to talk with corraspond to, someone that wants or needs someone to talk too.  If your lonly and want some one to shair with, I understand lonlyness, sucks.

Looking for friendship, and if more follow’s , thats great.

Im from (St. Charles Ill) Im into motor cycles (Harleys) car’s & trucks I like country music, rock n roll newer hard rock, I love to stay buy but don’t mind spending time watching a movie I love to cook and Im good at it.  I have one daulter and one grand son.

I want you to ask me anything about myself or why Im in this suituation.  I have nothing to lie about.  Or try to hide.

I looking for that someone that wants to shair there days with me there like’s and dislike’s there good days as well as there bad days.  Someone to build a friendship or maybe more. 

So if your willing to take a chance, and open up alittle you can send me a message on the G.T.L websight or snail mail.  If you would like you can check Face Book (Ronnie Medlin)(St. Charles ILL) (My account got hacked)  Its an old one.  

I hope to hear from you soon, I will respond as soon as you want to talk.


Thank you

Ron Medlin

Age: 52

Height: 6’0

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: White


State: Illinois