Centralia Correctional Center

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Roy Akins

Inmate Number: R27041
Centralia Correctional Center
P.O. Box 7711 Centralia, IL 62801
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Roy Akins Jr


I’m interested in meeting.  I am a firm believer in friendship and that communion of friendship must be established on a solid foundation instilled with honesty, love and loyalty.  Communication is essential to the soul.  I am just a stamp away, so pick up your pen and let your curiosity guide your pen to the paper.  I’m a good listener.  I’ll lend you my ear for as long as you need it.

P.S.  Yes, I do have a GTL tablet you can get in with me.

Age: 38

Height: 5’9″

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois