Dixon Correctional Center

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Samuel Harviley

Inmate Number: M31393
Dixon Correctional Center
2600 N. Brinton Avenue Dixon, IL 61021
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First n foremost, I strongly feel that in beder for any friendship/relationship to prosper, there must first be a foundation of loyalty n honesty established.  If not, then everything we will have built will be built upon lies n deciet.  And if we dont have trust, then we dont have nothin!  So if any 1 of those three principles is something that you dont live by nor agree with, then its probably best for you not to read any further.  However, if you still reading this, then I guess we’ve already found something that we have in common.  Something about me; Im as solid as they come, Im a real stand-up individual, and Im real big on loyalty.  Im also a realist, and 1 thing Ima always do no matter what, is keep shit 1hunned with you the same way I expect for you to keep shit 1hunned with me in return.  Although I do believe in God and in it being a higher power, I do not consider myself to be a religious person.  Yes, I am humble but I can also possess a demon side..best way to put it, a humble demon!  I am seeking a female with whom I can either build a friendship with, possibly find love with, or just have a little fun with.  On whatever level it is that she is trying to build on, I am willing to build on that same level as well.  Whats most important is our vibe, and our connection.  My interests include music, fashion, laughing, exercise, reading, traveling, and phone sex!  LBVS.  All in all, Im cool as hell, easy to talk to, and simply just a man interested in living life to its fullest potential.  Loyalty ova luv..L’z

Age: 32

Height: 5’6

Weight (lbs): 164

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois