Logan Correctional Center

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Sara Gudenrath

Inmate Number: Y58690
Logan Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1000 Lincoln, IL 62656
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My name is Sara.  I’m 28 yrs old.  I’m currently seeking a pen pal while being incarcerated here in Logan prison.  Though I’m only serving a 3.5 yr sent. I still would like to have someone I can write back and forth as much as possible to pass the time here.  I’m seeking a friendship but possibly something that could turn into more down the road.  Some things about me are I love to read basically anything besides science fiction.  I love going art and crafts. I’m big on drawing.  I have lots of pictures I’ve drawn for people and for myself just because it can get boring in here, plus I love to draw on the outside I am and outdoors kinda gal I love going camping, fishing, hiking also bike riding.  In the summer I love to go swimming as well.  I do like to cuddle up in the winter time and watch movies or play video games.  My favorite time of the year is autumn.  When the leaves start to turn red, orange and yellow that’s my favorite. ♥  For work I have all different types of work expertise.  I’ve worked at Popeyes and many other restaurants so I’m used to fast paced also I’ve done janitorial work as well  I love to work it keeps my mind busy.  ♥

Another thing with doing my time here I am going to school and also going to classes (drug treatment classes) to get my days.  I’d enjoy to have a pen pal to write me that way it can pass my time also keep me motivated if you’d like to be my pen pal feel free to write me ♥ (I don’t have any pictures of myself so my inmate profile picture is what I look like).


Thanks Sara

Age: 28

Height: 5’1″

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Female

Race: Hispanic

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois