Menard Correctional Center

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Scandale Fritz

Inmate Number: M43157
Menard Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1000 Menard, IL 62259
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First I want to say thank you for taking the time out your day to see what I have to say.  I really appreciate it…Well my name is Scandale Fritz but everybody call me (GettWild) yeah the name speak for it’s self.  I’m 25 bout to be 26 on January, 29…As you know now Im an Aquarius so you know I have a big heart + Im very be on loyalty + Im ready to ride wrong or right if you my dawg.  Im very cool, funny + I love to see people smile.  I hate to see people down cause thats what gone bring me down.  So if I can put a smile on yo face that mean I did my job as a person..

I love listening to music.  I write + sing my own music + I aint gone say Im the best but I no what Im doing + I no how to turn some heads when its my time to show my work yakno!  Im from the southside of Chicago, born + raise + the windy city.  Im not gone sit here + tell you I had a easy gowning up nooo!  I had to fight to become the man Im am today.  Living in the slums you dont have no choice but to put your big boy boxers on at a early age + make the best of it…  I grown up + the house with a single mother who did her best to take care of 3 kids on her own.  In my eyes shes my superwoman + my superman cause when it was time to play the male role + me + my brother lives she did her best to show us how to become great man…

Right now at the moment Im ready to meet new people, Im open to meet somebody thats cool as hell, who is funny, smart + down to earth + who is loyal.  I put my loyalty over my love cause you can love somebody but your loyalty dont have to be with them.

I love a person who no how to keep it real + not on no kid stuff.  I love a woman who no how to keep herself well, nail done, hair on point at all times + no how to reck some heels “LoL”

#(Grown woman) I would take a good kind heart over looks any day.  Im not to big on looks but dont get me wrong I just dont buck at everything thats walking.  I would love for a woman to be beautiful inside + out.  In  you gotta no how to cook cause Im a bigboy that love to eat.

Like I said Im just looking for someone to kick it with + talk some stuff with cause everybody can use a smile 7 days out the week.  If we turn out to be more then friends or whatever Im cool with that to.  But to be real its gone take a real special somebody to get me back on that level again cause I had my little heart broken to many time but I no one day ima put my heart back on the frontline again but right now Im still getting to know myself + growing as a man…

But to let you know Im am ready to go half on a baby with somebody. #LoL LBVS Im am ready to meet somebody special + who got a open heart cause I can be a handful at time but Im ready to get to no somebody + somebody get to no me as a person.

Right now at the moment Im incarcerated but not for long.  I will be home soon, real soon!  Im just a person who made the wrong turn + life at the moment but that do not speak for me as a person, I was just a person who made mistakes + life Im not perfect….

If you trying to get to no me as a person please dont hesitate to reach out.  You can email me at any time of the day on my “GTL” I also have a Facebook + Instagram that I be on everyday so you can reach too!  Or you can write me at anytime + I promise I’ll write you back.

I really do appreciate you taking your time out your day to stop + read my profile.  I hope I hear from you real soon.  Dont be shy to talk to me cause you never no I probably because yo hubby or some “LoL” But I hope you have a blessed day + you stay WILD.



Facebook = OTF GettWild

Instagram = GETTWILD_57K

Email = www.connectnetwork

Age: 25

Height: 5’6

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois