Lincoln Correctional Center

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Shannon Mosley

Inmate Number: S04778
Lincoln Correctional Center
P.O. Box 549 Lincoln, IL 62656
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My name is Shannon L. Mosley.  A 39 year old african american male whos looking for a possible soulmate.  I’ve been locked up close to three years in a correctional facility, but I did all the correction my self.  First I worked on my inner self a found a higher power first a foremost.  Because without His guidance I am nothing.  My religion is Al-Islam, and I believe their is no God but God.  Due to my departure here in 2024 I have several job opportunitys lined up, also I look forward to working with children to stop mass incarceration.  I love to read, write poetry, draw, exercise.  I’m big on family and communication.  My goal from this prison pen pal is to find someone to explore with and share my dreams with.  I’m not a picky person and all I’m looking for is honesty and loyalty in some one.  I’m not looking for some one to play with I’m truly to old for that I’m looking for possible commitment.  I love animals, children, vacations, food, and just having a good time.  Also I need an aggressive women to help me stand on these principles and morals.  To be honest I’m a open book, so if you want to read I’m here.  I hope to here from someone soon, and maybe see where this goes.

Until then




Age: 39

Height: 6’0

Weight (lbs): 220

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Islam

State: Illinois