Illinois River Correctional Center

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Tavares Humphries

Inmate Number: R27040
Illinois River Correctional Center
P.O. Box 999 Canton, IL 61520
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My name is Tavares Humphries – R27040.  I am 38 yrs old.  I have one son and his age is 17 yrs old.  He is in the Air Force Academy.  The mother of my child, we co-parent together.  And my hobbies are bowling, football, traveling, bike riding, and walks in the park and outdoors.  I am also, very intelligent and very, very business minded.  And I always have time for the women I’m with.  My ambition is Real!  I treat women with the utmost respect.  And also, I hope they will give the same in return.  I am also a very spiritual-man.  I also don’t wanna come off as so Holy.  I don’t wanna startle you on what I am about to say.  And what I’m missing in my life is a strong woman that will take time to know me and know what she wants in a man; as well as her life.  There is only one way.  Loyalty, communication, honesty and most of all trust.

So let me say this – without fear or shame – I was accused of some awful things that was not true.  And I am still fighting to this day.  I have also been in since 2014, and God has really changed my life and heart.  And he has given me an awesome faith to believe there is a woman here for me.  And God open my eyes to see life the way I should have when I was a kid.

Now that I have matured!  I am a real man now . . .

So, take care

And God Bless


Sincerely Yours


I am seeking for friendship and a woman of God!!! And also, legal aid . . .

Age: 38

Height: 5’6″

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois