Illinois River Correctional Center

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Todd Johnson

Inmate Number: N74250
Illinois River Correctional Center
P.O. Box 999 Canton, IL 61520
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Greeting Ms. potential friend,
Please accept this display as a sincere introduction of my interest in establishing a friendship.
As my intention and expressions are exposed I pray that they are received with a warm welcome finding you and your loved ones staying safe from covid.
My name is Todd L. Johnson, better known to everyone as Touchi. I’m a certified personal fitness trainer and licensed nutritionist who would appreciate the opportunity in getting acquainted with you through all means of available communication in hopes to create a beautiful everlasting friendship.
I am a 6’1” 280 lb gentleman with a very muscular body. I am in perfect health; I am a kind, considerate, respectful, loyal, confident, intelligent, generous, understanding, highly motivated, optimistic, ambitious, outspoken, non-judgemental, very romantic, energetic man with a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor.
I enjoy helping people improve their health and fitness, watching movies, drawing, cooking, reading, listening to music, playing all sports and exercising. While being held hostage, I have taken full advantage of every opportunity to improve myself and education, which I have obtained several vocational certificates as well as another associates degree.
Ms. potential friend, please disregard my release date because it is guaranteed to change to a release date this year. I have recently received favorable decisions from the higher courts. I hope that I have expressed enough to have aroused your curiosity and interest in accepting this humble invitation to explore the beautiful realm of a unique potential friendship or more.
Now that you have been exposed to the nature of my harmless intentions: please feel free to ask me anything and I do mean anything.
Please don’t hesitate in taking advantage of all communication options available.
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Write me at directly:
Shawnee Correctional Center
Todd L. Johnson N-74250
6665 State Route 146 East
Vienna, IL 62995

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Age: 51

Height: 6’0″

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois