Robinson Correctional Center

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Trevelle Stockdale

Inmate Number: B67561
Robinson Correctional Center
13423 East 1150th Avenue Robinson, IL 62454
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My name is Trevelle Stockdale Im writing seeking a pen pal someone to write to Im seeking a friend hoping it can become more my birthday is September 5th Im a virgo Im not in a relationship at the moment Im a out spoken person easy going easy to get along with I have two kids there grown I have five grandkids Im a good listener I never wrote one of these sites before it get lonely being lock-up not having a woman or female to talk to Ive been lock up since 2019 I was in a relationship when I first got lock up she did a little time with me while I was in the county jail she said she was going to be there but once I took prison time and came here she left me and told me to get up with her once I get out I guess she found someone else she could of just told me she didnt want to be tied down in a relationship but thats the past Im not going her way once3 I get out I need someone whos going to be there in good times and bad times someone thats faithful and loyal and someone who’s real like if you not feeling me no more that she will just keep it 100 and tell me how she feeling Im just looking for a woman that we can build a future with basically I’m looking for someone I can share my inner thoughts and feelings with Im looking for someone to put a hundred into the relationship because Im going to put a hundred into it Im looking for someone that will tell me if I do something wrong in her eyes because I going to tell the person in my life if she do something I don’t like A woman that if she going through something that she will talk to me a relationship is built with communication and trust Im just looking for someone to get to know me Ive dealt with females who I thought I can build a relationship with I want someone who know what she want out of life Im 50 years of age I got a little older and wiser Im a God fearing person I have made a lot of mistakes in life I just want to be a family man I want to be dad and grandpa Im just looking for companionship

Age: 51

Height: 5’7

Weight (lbs): 270

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois