Western Illinois Correctional Center

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Tyler Dotson

Inmate Number: Y44007
Western Illinois Correctional Center
2500 Rt. 99 South Mount Sterling, IL 62353
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So first off, I’m a father before I’m anything and my son will always be put before me or anyone else.  With that said, when I was free I had a good job making 28$ a hour at the age of 21, they paid for my college, full ride.  I had and owned my own house and own car.  I decided to sign up for this to try to make new friends and get to know some people to make my little 3 and a half year left go faster.  So yes the elephant in the room, my case at first sight isn’t attraction.  I’m fully aware of this, but it’s not as it seems so as I said I was a college student, at a college party.  I met a girl there, we kicked it off and she decided to add me on facebook, which we then decided to start talking and hanging out.  As you can guess, one thing led to another and so on.  Well she turned out to be 16 years old.  I had no idea and tbh didn’t ask because well she looked older than I did.  Long story short her dad found out and called the police.  I got arrest and charged with a statutory.  Again I didn’t find out her age till I was cuffed up looking stupid.  I ended up beating the statutory because she came and testified for me say everything was 100% consensual and I didn’t know her age.  But I was also charged with 2 counts of child pornography of a 16 year old minor which unfortunately no I didn’t beat and even though it was my first case and not all that serious, my public defender was trash and I got smoked with 13 years at 50% so 6 and a half years in prison and 10-life registration.  My out date is 2-26-27 but as I’m at 50% I can get good time to come home early.  If you can except my case you will learn to realize I’m one of the coolest and real people you will ever meet, but as I hate talking myself up I’ll let you decide.  As of right now I’m in college in prison, yes I get a real diploma and I get time off of my sentence.  When I get out all I’m going to do is work and be a father and try to continue my education.  Even with my case type and everything I have to deal with when I get out.  I will not let any of this slow me down nor define me.  I messed up. That’s it I’m not a weirdo or a creep and don’t care if people think I am tbh.  My life is far from over with and I’ll only be 28 when I get out.  I hope you give the chance to get to know me before judging me, but if not I understand I got a lot going on.  Like I said I’m not really looking for much besides some new friends and stuff, don’t know how I feel about a relationship as I’m far from desperate and got time to do but I’m open minded.  Hopefully I get to know some people.  Thanks

Age: 25

Height: 5’10

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: White

Religion: Christianity

State: Illinois